Welcome to the 2023 summary at LiveWebinar. It’s been a busy, creative year. Answering your needs and thanks to your support, we have added a number of improvements to our tool and created many new, useful functionalities that will let your businesses flourish. These new features are designed to help you organize brilliant webinars, increase user engagement, and wow your audience.

Here is a quick overview of the most important updates introduced in 2023:

Certificate of Completion

Your attendees can now receive personalized certificates for participating in a webinar, online course, or training session. It’s an excellent way to enhance the value of the course, highlight its professionalism, and attract new customers. You can now:

  • Easily customize certificates to meet the needs of a particular training
  • Promote your branding: add your logo and corporate colors
  • Combine certificate issuance with other of our new features: Participant Engagement and introduce gamification into online sessions
  • Distribute certificates automatically to your participants after the training is over

Participant Engagement

This option allows you to collect and present information about the involvement of participants in the event. Event organizers can award attendees points for meeting certain criteria, e.g. time spent at the meeting, browser activity, passing a test or survey. This is a great way to add a competitive edge to your webinars, online sessions, courses and workshops. With this feature you can: 

  • Integrate gamification seamlessly into your sessions
  • Offer your participants a dynamic points system that tracks and rewards their involvement
  • Elevate your courses with interactive and motivating experiences, giving your events a professional touch and added value

One-Click Registration Link

To make it easier to register for events, we have added a new feature: One-Click Registration Link. This option is an advanced way to allow people who are already on your mailing list to quickly register for a webinar.

Thanks to this, you can:

  • Streamline the joining process
  • Reduce sign-up barriers
  • Welcome more participants to your webinars
  • Increase registration rates 

New Statistics and Reports Panel

We’ve developed a new detailed Dashboard for reporting and analysis. You can now gain insightful, in-depth perspectives on your hosted events with real-time data and comprehensive metrics. This allows you to:

  • Measure participant engagement 
  • Track attendance 
  • Assess the effectiveness of sessions

This functionality helps organizers to better understand the profile of participants, their needs and behavior.  

Coding Belt

From now on, users have a new type of security in the form of a coding belt, which prevents anonymous recording of sessions. 

  • This way you can be sure that no one will record your session without your knowledge and permission
  • Enabled belt shows to everyone: host, presenters, participants and on the recording 
  • You also have control over the belt’s display time

Mail Templates

From now on, you can use our new, awesome feature of Mail templates that lets you send email messages fully customized to your recipients. This way you can personalize the content so that your users feel unique and special.  

  • Customize the content and appearance of the message
  • Add your logo, colors or background
  • Add text, images or any information in the language of your choice

This new functionality is designed to enhance the impact of email marketing campaigns by fostering a stronger connection with prospective webinar participants.

Closed Captioning with translations

Our enhanced Closed Captioning feature, already a valued part of our platform, has undergone significant improvements. It now offers immediate transcription with the added benefit of translation, ensuring that every participant, irrespective of language proficiency or auditory ability, can fully engage with the content.

Thanks to this you can:   

  • Translate the transcript in real-time to many popular languages    
  • Provide a chance for the hearing impaired to access spoken content   
  • Easily take meeting notes – you can download the transcript of the meeting and use it later on