ArchieBot System


ArchieBot advanced systems allow any technological infrastructure to encompass audio video technology and become a video conferencing platform- directly integrated into your system it can open up limitless possibilities including:

  • Elevate your communication profile by adding audio video as a way to communicate with your company
  • Meet clients, resolve support issues or conduct inter-office meetings all within your existing system
  • ArchieBot allows you to become a video conferencing platform- allow users to create meeting sessions and expand communication networks
  • With the power of video conferencing in your hands the ability to create company exposure has never been easier



Our features and possibilities at a glance:

Highly accessible technology

Due to high industry adoption ArchieBot deploys recognized technology to remove the barriers of communication between web components.

Advanced statistics and reporting

Allow ArchieBot to take care of the work leaving you to focus on your core business- take advantage of multiple features and have full control over how they communicate together.

Complete flexibility

ArchieBot was designed without barriers or restrictions allowing you to choose the elements you require- we work with you to create a tailored system that meets your exact requirements.

You have control

With ArchieBot the sky is the limit- contact us to discuss how you would like to utilize audio video communication for organization and we can create a custom solution.

Advanced integrated audio video technology