Live Assistance, Troubleshooting, Discussion Groups

Remove the challenge of ensuring your customers feel valued and acknowledged by giving them an option to connect and interact directly with a member of your team. Or simply create a support room adding additional ways for your customers to resolve any issues they may face.
  • Live Assistance – If email and screenshots are simply not resolving the issue you are able to connect immediately with a customer to resolve the problem. Take advantage of screen sharing and a host of other tools to help your team resolve problems as quickly as possible.
  • Live Demo – By having the power to see and hear your customers you can increase the likelihood of identifying a solution to a complex issue.
  • Support Room – Create a place where customers can connect with each other and your team to quickly find answers and information.
  • Team Collaboration – Ensure your support team members, either local or remote, stay up to speed on best practices by allowing them to meet at any time.
  • Discussion Webinars – Address a number of common issues with a large group by creating a support webinar- this allows you to present the information I real time whilst addressing questions.