Human Resources

Meetings, Inductions, Preparation, Team Interaction

As you work to identify your star candidate it can be invaluable to have the possibility to connect face-to-face before recommending a person. It can also be a challenge making sure your teams fee engaged, motivated and most importantly – acknowledged. Online communication can help.
  • Candidate Meetings – Get to know your candidate prior to recommending them- allow discussion on preparation points or clarify work history details.
  • Induction Sessions – Whether you need to prepare a large group or simply run through a quick Q&A online communication can remove the need to travel to meet completely.
  • Internal Discussions – Create a hub for your team to share and explain best practices allowing everyone to be on the same page at all times.
  • Employee Interactions – Often it is challenging to bring employees and management together- by giving people a dedicated place to talk and learn it can open new conversations and even form new friendships.