Technical Overview


  • The ArchieBot system was built on the most current security methods to provide a fully encrypted and data isolated service.
  • Transit Layer Security (TLS).
  • Secure Socket Layering (SSL).
  • Compliant with: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  • All data protected both in Transit and at Rest.
  • Fully safeguards PHI allowing HIPAA compliance.
  • Automated Infrastructure: Access to production is fully restricted.
  • User Data Isolation- Dedicated and isolated infrastructure options.
  • Double Encryption- SSL in addition to stream encryption.


  • Fully auto-scalable infrastructure with geographic optimisation.
  • Extremely high scalability allowing large data transmissions.
  • Over 42 data centers / auto-server assign to combat downtime.
  • High Availability (No Single Point of Failure).


  • Completely modular structure.
  • Any component can be added or removed to ‘build’ a solution in component blocks.
  • Fully customizable configuration parameters / No need for custom development.
  • Full API on all components with advanced integration options.
  • API can allow advanced recordings with post-processing.


  • The ArchieBot system can be placed directly inside a company system minimizing additional data transfers.
  • SIP / VoIP / PSTN Integrations.
  • 323 Integration in development.
  • Unified Login: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google.
  • Scheduling and Meeting Start: Slack, Outlook, Google.
  • Content Sharing: Brightcove, Google Drive, OneDrive, YouTube, Vimeo, Periscope, Prezi.
  • CRM Systems: SalesForce, Sugar.

WebRTC – Scaled to the limit

  • ArchieBot has overcome the typical limits imposed by WebRTC (25 Streams).
  • Scaled to exceed standard P2P connections limits -incorporating unique custom built MCU/TURN servers achieving capacities of 5,000+ participants.
  • Fully browser based interface makes ArchieBot natively supported.
  • We have combined the features of several platforms into one complete solution.