We protect your data

Confident collaboration requires control and security. ArchieBot allows real-time and seamless interaction for virtual meetings anywhere in the world, while providing essential protection.

To ensure privacy and control of your information and ideas shared, your online collaboration environment with ArchieBot delivers security from the point of scheduling your meeting all the way through authenticating participants and sharing content.

Experience the perfect partner for convenient collaboration with assurance that ArchieBot satisfies even the most rigorous security requirements.

Your security with ArchieBot is assured by:



Cloud-Switched Architecture

Delivered through the ArchieBot cloud, this environment is a dynamic and highly secure service-delivery platform designed with only industry-leading performance, integration, flexibility, scalability and availability.

All meeting session data – from origin/presenter to destination/attendees – is put through a process of switching and never permanently stored through the ArchieBot cloud.


Data Centres

All meeting sessions conducted on ArchieBot use switching equipment located in multiple data centres around the world. Data centres are strategically placed in major internet access points and employ dedicated high-bandwidth fibre connections to route traffic globally. RTCLab sp. z o.o. operates the infrastructure within the ArchieBot Cloud and their security personnel are available to assist 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

A Highly Secure Meeting Experience

Personal Meeting Rooms can be accessed via a personalized URL, allowing the host to list all scheduled and in-progress meetings as well as to start or join meeting on ArchieBot. Optional security-related features include:

  • The Host or Attendee has the option to save names and email addresses making organizing or joining new meetings easier.
  • Site access can be restricted through authentication for all Host and Attendee access. Authentication can be required to gain access to meetings or any site information including listed meetings.
  • Strong password rules can be applied to ArchieBot Access Anywhere.
  • Approval required for all ‘Forgot Password?’ emails can be activated.
  • Required reset for account passwords can be activated rather than re-entered on behalf of the user.

Encryption Technologies

Meetings on ArchieBot platform are designed to deliver real-time, rich-media content securely to each Attendee – everything shared by a Presenter is directly encoded with SSL (Socket Secure Layer).

All meeting data is transported using a 256-bit SSL – typically internet data requires the use of Port 80 (used for standard HTTP traffic) – SSL requires the use of firewall Port 443 which is for HTTPS traffic only. By requiring this Port by default the ArchieBot Cloud ensures only the most secure presentation and session layers.


Firewall Compatibility

The ArchieBot platform communicates with ArchieBot Cloud through a reliable and highly-secure HTTPS connection (Port 443), which means no specific configuration of your firewall is needed.

Meeting Data Privacy

All ArchieBot content including chat text, audio, video and desktop sharing are entirely transient. No data is stored locally on the Attendees’ computers or through the cloud.

Single Sign-On

RTCLab sp. z o.o. does support federated authentication for single sign-on (SSO) using the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 1.1 and 2.0 of the WS – Federation 1.0 protocols. As support for SAML 1.1 is being phased out, using federated authentication does require you to upload a public key (X.509) certificate to your custom ArchieBot platform. You are then able to generate SAML assertions containing user attributes and digitally sign the assertions with the matching private. ArchieBot can then validate the SAML assertion signature against the pre-loaded public key certificates before authenticating the user.