5 reasons why you should personalize your online meetings


It is well-known that personalization improves customer relationships. More and more B2B and B2C customers expect a personalized experience. Why should you start customizing your webinars and online meetings according to your audience? Here are some reasons.

User sense of identity

This may seem obvious, but so many forget that their customers want to be recognized as human beings. After all, they’re individuals with unique wants and needs. Be aware that even when you have a wide audience, you are still speaking to a single person at any given time.

Personalization is future

The ability to adapt the marketing in response to the current needs of customers was one of the biggest marketing trends of 2018 and most experts marketers claim that personalization will dominate the upcoming years.

According to Epsilon research, 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company if it offers a personalized experience.

Conversion rate

If you use webinars to sell you should become interested in this area as soon as possible. A platform tailored to the customer is more effective because it can increase a person’s identification with the brand. It’s not about overlaying your logo and changing the colours of the interface. It’s also about unique copywriting in your entire webinar funnel.

Increasing brand loyalty

If you are a teacher, you are certainly adjusting the curriculum to the specific student. When you try to personalize your e-learning platform in a similar way, it will help you to create a better relationship with your students.

What is more, changing the appearance of the application may also cause extra engagement of internal customers. And It has been known for a long time that an internal customer is as important as an external one.