5 common webinar mistakes and how to avoid them

If you are planning to host a successful webinar you should know that there are some kind of rules that you must follow. Remember that you are connected to many participants in a single gathering and keeping everybody engaged could not be such an easy thing to do.

That’s why we are sharing some of our tips for making your webinar series more effective.

Bad marketing

It’s a critical step in the whole process. Frequent mistake made by beginners is the inappropriate use of existing resources. You may not taking full advantage of your mailing list. Also the ability to build engagement in your social media will be a useful solution to promote your webinar.

Choosing the right promotion channels helps you craft the effective message and attract potential viewers.

No agenda

Well, it isn’t so strange that much depends on your meeting plan. The properly written schedule could not only explain your webinar topic but also adequately announce it. Remember that without a transparent agenda, you are getting rid of potential viewers.

You are hiding one of the most important things from your audience, and therefore, all of the people who take part in your meeting don’t know what to expect. You are not throwing a surprise party. As if it wasn’t bad enough it’ll make you seem like a disorganized host.

No reservations – all necessary equipment and space

Nothing can ruin even the most interesting meeting than a poor internet connection and low-quality webcam. It’s recommended to invest in a standalone microphone to make sure attendees can hear your voice clearly.

Don’t forget to choose a quiet location free from distractions and remember to set the lighting, it’s an easy and cheap way to make a good impression.

Ignoring your audience

Make sure that your webinar aligns with the goals and objectives of your audience. Your webinar should offer several ways for the audience to interact with content. Allow attendees to actively participate in the meeting and make sure you acknowledge their comments.

Try to measure engagement, use polls and emoticons and find out what your audience like the most in your meetings.

Overusing PowerPoint

A dynamic and interactive environment can be a trademark of your webinar meetings, it could be something that will incredibly draw attention.

Use it. Don’t be afraid to show them YouTube videos, SlideShare or Prezi presentations, use different video and audio content. If you ignore variety in your content you will simply bore the audience.