How video conferences improve

sales and business communication

Every single company is interested in improving its sales. Sales are the engine of each business and the break-even point for its existence and development. In these matters, companies should be extremely flexible and adjustable for everything which can help them in reaching more customers and closing more deals.

In today’s aggressive world, when everyone is striving for a bigger piece of the market shares, having a good team is not enough to be competitive. In this case keeping up with efficient and newest technologies is crucial for achieving best results and this is the sales professional’s best friend.

Which technologies should be adopted in order to reach and win more clients?

Among the most important technologies for this are video meetings and conferences platforms. If you have any doubts about it, you should consider that this is not only hosting business meetings, but also a tool for reaching more customers and close more deals. It can also help maintain better communication with current clients and save costs for traveling. Time is money, isn’t it?

Video conferencing technologies are expected to change sales in the next years

If we have a look through the last 10–15 years, we’ll see that the approach about this is very quickly changing. It has been very common to travel to different cities, countries for meeting customers and indeed nothing beats meetings face to face. But sometimes this is very time consuming, expensive and finally decreasing the efficiency of a sales person. In these cases, video meetings and conferences are a powerful tool, because they increase the reach of the sales person and help build trust via visual communication. In 2011, Gartner predicted that by 2020, approximately 85% of customer relationships will be managed without a direct human interaction.

According to a Harvard Business Review and a study of more than 1,400 B2B customers, it appeared that those customers completed, on average, nearly 60% of a typical purchasing decision — researching solutions, ranking options, setting requirements, benchmarking pricing, and so on — before even having a conversation with a supplier.

In 2013, Gerhard Gschwandtner, Selling Power CEO, estimated that by 2020 80% of B2B transactions will be automated. According to Gschwandtner, video conferencing technology will be the main method used by both teams and sales reps.

How can video conferencing communication improve your sales and business communication?

A study about trust via video was made in four different communication situations: face-to-face, video, audio, and text chat. The face-to-face groups quickly achieved cooperative behavior, while the text chat groups continued to compete throughout. The video groups achieved the same levels of trust as the face-to-face groups, although perhaps a bit more slowly. The audio group was intermediate. These results show that trust can emerge through mediated communication.

With a good platform for video meetings and conferences, you can achieve an engaging face-to-face connection with the customer. It gives the opportunity to observe the body language of the person, which finally is much more important than the words itself. In addition, this two-way communication is giving you the chance to create good image in front of the potential customer and win his trust very quickly. It’s also very easy to give a good explanation about your products and services — regular video meetings with potential customers can help for better understanding of the essence of this what you are offering. Further this can help for building a strong long-term relationship, which is extremely important in after sales communication.

Video conferencing is saving your time and money

Video conferencing is saving your time and money and in final impacting to EBITA (Earnings before interest, taxes and amortization) of your company. Every manager knows how much time and costs it requires to travel and to spend time in driving, flying just to make a face to face discussion. Finally, in the best case you will lose at least two days for going just for one meeting. Video meetings and conferences allow more flexibility with the time, more frequent meetings and finally is improving the efficiency of the sale team. And there is no doubt that productivity is important for closing more deals.

A good platform for video meetings and conferences for business should give you the opportunity to connect with unlimited number of people at the same time and share screens, applications and documents. It should have top level of security of the information, because everybody knows how important is this in business environment. This is a powerful tool which should be very easy to use and access for you and for your partners/ customers, because it’s goal is to remove the limitations in communication and improve its performance.

Technologies are rapidly penetrating our personal and professional life — they are also the engine of digital marketing activities and they are more and more influencing the sales. We should all follow these trends and get the best of it in order to be competitive and efficient. Having the highly motivated and trained team and using the right tools are the keys to success in sales.

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