The Future of Collaboration

The Future of Collaboration

RTClab has changed the way teams collaborate by combining the technology of many different apps and platforms into one stream of communication. Teams in the past have had to rely on a range of apps and tools to create an overall collaboration experience-from messengers to annotators, screen sharing apps and video. The interoperability of WebRTC has been highly adopted due to providing a single channel where multiple functions can take place such as: real-time audio video, screen sharing, presentations and whiteboards-in addition to the typical features you would expect like chat.

We began developing a solution after speaking with many clients over a number of years-it became clear many solutions existed but often needed to be combined to create complete team collaboration. By using the capabilities of WebRTC multiple functions could be combined, not only without downloads or software but within the same platform removing the need to integrate or navigate between apps. Our solution allowed teams to begin a collaboration session using audio and video but removed the need to navigate to another service for screen sharing, annotations or chat-by combining all of the common features into one platform teams are able to switch between functions quickly and easily. The nature of WebRTC also eliminated the problem of connectivity as the user no longer needs applications or plug-ins installed locally-allowing for any team member to simply connect and take advantage of every tool directly through a web browser. This has dramatically increased the number of people able to easily connect and join a collaboration session further reducing preparation time or cross-platform integrations.

Teams can now communicate in collaboration sessions through one solution able to quickly add or remove any feature making idea sharing streamlined and cost effective-with greater range than ever before it is now extremely easy to offer access and have tools ready to use at all times. With no additional changes to your infrastructure of licence agreements costs can be lowered by implementing RTClab solutions into internal or external company collaboration.

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