On the way to break communication barriers

On the way to break communication barriers

WebRTC technology utilizes the browsers ability to initiate real-time communication without additional downloads or barriers to the client- this has directly created the possibility of connecting with almost any client without navigating them away from your webpage due to 98% of devices being WebRTC ready, a figure which will increase dramatically by 2019. (7billion devices by 2019)

Being able to direct a client to critical information without adding additional steps to the client journey directly increases the number of support cases closed and can dramatically increase ROI by streamlining the process. The team at RTCLab began discussions with Migam.org on how to efficiently enable access to impaired users who were unable to connect conventionally- this came at a critical time for the start-up, after being given personal support by Richard Branson himself, therefore the solution had to be simple yet fill an obvious gap in the market.

With the aim to assist over 72 million individuals who are unable to hear during a 4-year period we quickly realized our technology not only offered the flexibility needed but was able to be deployed immediately due to the scope of access provided. As our solution was created entirely based on feedback from every industry we were able to tailor a complete integration that would actually allow any impaired user to use sign-language through video which is then translated to the support or sales agent.

Testing is now in progress to further apply our technology to the banking industry which will increase the number of clients who are able to communicate directly through a company website without having to download or be navigated away from the page. This not only allowed Migam to offer a new channel of communication which directly assisted impaired users but reduced the amount of client ‘drop off’ for common reasons such as not having the correct software installed. By being able to connect with audio video in real-time the possibilities for client interaction were greatly increased with no additional licencing costs to the company or client.

We expect many other contact centres and support teams to deploy RTCLab technology and follow suit as there are no changes needed to the existing company system- API scripts allow instant deployment and with its high adaptation user access has never been greater.

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