Freedom with RTC

Freedom with RTC

Technology that is entirely browser based and device-independent has changed the possibilities of real-time communication by allowing more features and functions than ever before to be conducted without additional software. More importantly is it now possible to create a complete solution without having to sacrifice certain components or features due to integration restrictions or compatibility problems.Being able to start a meeting or collaboration session at any time and on any device has changed the way companies are approaching communication-you no longer need to be on your personal computer with everything installed or worry about using multiple services to reach your goal.

After gathering feedback from multiple industries we noticed something obvious-that despite the many services available each one had an almost set function which sometimes could not be customized, scaled or integrated with other services. This has led companies to utilize many different service providers to create the desired goal of having not only audio and video but a range of tools that would otherwise be outsourced from the communication platform. With a need for document sharing, screen sharing, presentations and chat many services would need to be used to create an overall solution for idea sharing or discussions. We decided to first gather the requirements of each industry and client type and build a solution based on all the elements they felt were missing, with the aim to remove the number of services needed to allow full communication through a browser.With no set pricing tables or user agreements our platform was designed to be tailored by the client-to their exact need. It encompasses all of the features typically found scattered on the market into an all-in-one solution using the most up to date technology-WebRTC. The nature of which allows for encrypted connections and uninterrupted communication meaning any industry can adopt with minimal impact to their existing infrastructure.

The freedom WebRTC offers comes from using the browsers ever expanding capabilities and the use of popular code formats which are kept open source-solutions can be scaled or customized without any restrictions making them respond to your exact requirements, all of which can be achieved without any software or plugins.

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