Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone

Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone

The growing popularity of on-demand technology has pushed the development and understanding of WebRTC applications with companies all over the world pushing for team interaction regardless of the location. By being able to attend a meeting in New York from your own home the world has never been smaller-this has allowed communication to be truly limitless and has massively reduced the need to travel. Imagine if you could have the confidence of being able to put yourself anywhere at any time all without software-this idea of communication freedom is no longer on a wish list.

Click-and-run technology allows anyone to connect with an internet ready device without having to download software-this has changed conventional video calling as you no longer need to depend on a local device with all of your items stored ready. Any device using a browser can simply connect and utilize a full range of functions from audio video, screen sharing, whiteboards and presentations. By being able to invite and join with only one click companies are now able to leverage each and every client by being able to contact them without restrictions. Clients can be invited through a single click from mobile and browsers whilst being able to use advanced features typically not allowed in peer-to-peer sessions such as screen sharing.

With 92% of devices already WebRTC capable this can open up the range of client possibilities by providing you with an existing solution based on an open source format-companies are taking advantage of the simplicity of this technology with very easy system adoption and allowing clients to connect with zero barriers. By allowing almost any device to connect, both browser and mobile, case studies are already showing that conversion rates can be massively increased within large-scale call centre operations by reducing the time needed to resolve support issues or process sales inquiries.

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