Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions 

From RTC Lab


What makes RTC Lab different?

  • Platform and device independence
  • Highly secure voice and video transmission Advanced voice and video quality
  • Highly reliable session establishment Multiple media stream capability
  • Highly adaptive to network conditions Interoperability with VoIP and video
 *These capabilities were far less possible on previous cross platform relationships*


What is WebRTC?

WebRTC is a framework created for the internet to allow Real Time Communication to be possible directly through a browser without any additional plug-ins or software. It includes the fundamental building blocks that allow for high quality communication directly through a browser by combining the network, audio and video components required in voice and video chat applications. WebRTC is a complete solution with extremely high industry adoption and is integrated with the main voice and video engines online.


Online Communication- How to fully utilize it for your business:

Real Time Online Communication can improve on traditional face-to-face collaboration by making travel time and costs, and even conference room space, a non-issue.

Our platforms enable employees located globally and virtual teams to meet and collaborate in real time by placing them in the same room together allowing seamless interaction.

  • Simplify business Improve results processes for sales, support and marketing
  • Train employees whilst reducing travel costs
  • Lead and manage project gain time efficiently
  • Create your own solutions using our Enterprise offer

Each platform was built and developed by a team of professionals with over 20 years’ experience in R&D, software development, audio-video engineering, sales, support and marketing.

Our team are world-class experts each with their own field of specialty sharing ideas and experiences with colleagues located worldwide.

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Completely scalable Enterprise solutions